Wedding Magicians – Frequently Asked Questions

Why Hire a Magician for your Wedding?

There are many reasons why hiring a magician for your wedding is beneficial including:

  • Magic is an interactive entertainment form that amazes your guests and leaves them with a sense of wonder.
  • Magic can be used to bring people together and keep people involved, especially during those times when you are busy but your guests are waiting.
  • Magic is a fantastic way to get guests talking
  • Magic can be used to bring families and guests together who don’t yet know each other
  • Many people have not seen magic happen right under their noses or even in their own hands. This can be an unforgettable experience for many.
  • A Bella online survey showed that 78% of brides wish they had made their wedding entertainment their highest priority, and nearly 100% said they wished they had spent more of their budget on their entertainment.

Best Times for a Magician at your Wedding?

The following are the best times to use a magician:

  • While the photographs are being taken. The Bride and Groom will be very busy during this period, however many guests will be waiting as they will not be in too many of the pictures. Magic can be performed to the guests that are not actively involved in the photos.
  • Pre Wedding Breakfast/Meal Reception. Often there is a period of time between the photographs being taken and the beginning of the Wedding Breakfast/Meal when guests can be entertained.
  • During the Wedding Breakfast/Meal. For large events such as weddings, the time between courses at the meal can be quite long. Magic can be performed to your guests at their tables in between courses. Of course, no magic is performed during the speeches.
  • Evening Reception. Magic can be performed from the end of the Wedding Breakfast/Meal to the start of any evening entertainment or even as part of the evening entertainment as a larger stand up cabaret show. Magic should not be performed in a room with a loud disco/DJ operating. It can be effective however in a quieter room where those guests not interested in dancing wish to go.

How long should I book a Magician for?

For close up magic, a suitable amount of time for a magician is a period of 2-3 hours. The amount of time will depend on the number of guests and the timings you are working to for the day (i.e. the amount of time between the photographs and the end of the wedding breakfast etc.). A rough rule of thumb is 2 hours per 80-100 guests.

A magician can also be booked to perform a cabaret as part of the evening entertainment.


Are you a Member of The Magic Circle

Yes I am a member of The Magic Circle.

There are a number of magic societies in the country but The Magic Circle is the most prestigious of them all. Members of the Magic Circle require an audition to join but due to the standard of my performance in various high profile magic competitions this audition was waived in my case and I was granted membership without audition. This is very rare and generally only applied to internationally renowned magicians.


What Type of Magic do you Perform?

I perform close up and cabaret magic. Close up magic is also known as table magic, strolling magic and mix & mingle magic. This is magic performed to guests where the magic happens right under their noses or even in their own hands. It is a very interactive form of magic and for people who have never seen this before can be unforgettable. For example some magic I perform involves spectators signing playing cards which are left with them as souvenirs at the end of the magic. Many times these souvenirs are kept in their wallets for months or even years after the event as a memento.

Cabaret magic is a more formal type of show where the audience is seated to watch the magician and the performance is to all the guests at once. The magic is interactive but not as much so as close up magic.


Are you a Children’s Entertainer? 

I am not a specialist children’s entertainer in that I do not regularly perform at children’s parties. However, I am comfortable performing for children and they love the magic. I always check whether children will be among the guests in advance and what their approximate ages are. Children aged 5 are entertained by different magic than children aged 10. By being aware of their ages in advance I ensure that the magic I perform for them will give the most impact. Sometimes the young children perform the magic on their parents themselves!


Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes I do. I am a member of Equity and have £10 million of Public Liability Insurance. Many venues insist on this nowadays.


How much does it cost?

The cost depends on different factors such as the amount of time required, location etc. Rather than list a range of prices that cover every possible eventuality, it is best for you to contact me directly so that we can discuss your requirements in detail and I can give you a price based on your specific requirements.

The key is to ensure you get the best possible entertainment at a price that is within your budget. If you merely shop around for the lowest quote for a magician then you run the risk of not having the right calibre of performer. It is your special day, and you only get one chance to get it right.

Can you Make My Wife/Husband Disappear?

Absolutely (although I’m not sure why you would want to)! This is the name of a piece of card magic I perform.



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