About Phil

South Wales MagicianBased in Kent, Phil Tilston has been performing top class jaw-dropping magic for over 15 years. He is a member of the prestigious and exclusive Magic Circle. He is a former President of the Manchester Circle of Magicians and has been awarded Honorary Life Membership. He is also a member of Equity.

Phil has won numerous awards in both close up and cabaret magic, including winning the North West Close Up Magic Championship and “Best Card Trick” twice at the Order of the Magi. He has also jointly won first prize at the Buxton Fringe Festival, the largest such festival in England. He has also lectured to other magicians on numerous occasions on sleight of hand and performance.

Phil believes very firmly in not making your guests look foolish or stupid. Likewise, he does not perform with an attitude of superiority. He believes that everyone should enjoy his magic and go away with a favourable unforgettable experience.

Thank you so much for performing at our Gangster Night. Everybody was mesmerised by your magic!

magician-south-walesHis close up magic involves top class sleight of hand using various items often including cards, coins, rope, fruit, rubber bands and numerous other items all with high audience interaction and with the magic often happening in the hands of the spectator. Phil leaves items such as signed playing cards with spectators giving them an additional lasting memory of the night.

His Cabaret show includes a variety of classical conjuring effects and also magic of the mind, known amongst magicians as “mentalism” often involving various ESP demonstrations and uncanny coincidences.

Phil has performed all over the country at weddings, private parties, corporate functions and hotels.